Tempest Fugit (2004)

Tempest Fugit - production still 1

Tempest Fugit was an attempt to isolate narrative outside the of realm of time. Consciousness and the unconscious were secondary themes with the film. Shooting took place on location in Tempe, Arizona and in the Imperial Sand Dunes Between Yuma, Arizona and el Centro, California.

The project started out, as an answer to the question, ‘Can you make a film about time’. Honestly, I believe that time is an abstraction, constructed by the mind. Furthermore, I would suggest that the mind cannot piece together a cohesive story-element without the use of both time and narrative devices. So to ask, ‘can one make a film about time?’, my response would be; ‘not without introducing narrative elements’.

The story is about a man sleeping. In his dream, he knows only that he must return to his body, before he wakes. He finds himself lost in a vast endless desert. He awakens for a drink. After making his way home, he finds himself sleeping in vaguely unfamiliar surroundings. Then his alarm clock wakes him. Finally, we cut back to him climbing one last dune.


  • Tempest Fugit won the 2nd place audience award for the 2004 IFP / Phoenix chapter (formerly the Phoenix Film Project) Fall call for entries – October 27, 2004
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